he primary objective of EOTO is to provide basic necessities (health, medical, housing, education, nourishment and supplemental income) for children which will be made possible through donations from individuals, estates, foundations and corporations. While the cost of these basic necessities may be reasonable to our standards it is difficult for children in developing or poverty stricken countries to attend school, pay for basic medical check ups, or even having a balanced meal once a day, because they may be lacking the funding that is required to obtain these services. Through the generosity of EOTO donors and volunteers, EOTO is able to provide the funding for the basic necessities for children who would not have otherwise had the opportunity. Our sponsorship programs not only covers the essential costs for these necessities, but also ensures that each child has a strong support network to allow them to fulfill there dreams and enjoy a fulfilling overall experience, that helps them to get out of poverty. Poverty stricken children around the world face a range of unique challenges and barriers, and as such, we do not believe in a one size fits all approach.

The EOTO team conducts extensive interviews with each child to customize our sponsorship package to ensure that they have every opportunity for success. A sponsorship entails not only a commitment to our children, but a commitment to our donors that we will do everything in our power to ensure that our children are facilitated with an enriching experience. It is a commitment that we take very seriously.