OTO was founded on the simple belief that a small group of dedicated people working toward a common goal can make a large impact in the world. Here's how it all began.

Nitesh Patel, born and raised in the United States traveled back to India and saw and found it very difficult to see so many intelligent and talented children missing out because they did not have the basic necessities to help them fulfill their dreams, simply because they were orphaned or their families were too poor. Nitesh's parents have sponsored many children in India and Nitesh has a unique understanding of the opportunities and prospects of providing the basic necessities to children. Nitesh has personally set aside $25,000, which he dedicated to help pay for health, education, medical attention, housing and nourishment of several orphans and poverty stricken children in India, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Nitesh realized that he could not do this individually and found people that shared the same belief and vision in order to achieve the same goals. Nitesh has recruited like mind individuals to the board who have contributed $5000 each to ensure that children around the world can achieve their dreams and make a better place for themselves and their loved ones. Shortly thereafter, EOTO was formed as a non profit group.

From these humble beginnings EOTO has grown to a full operation, running teams in India and Mexico partnering with key non-profits, foundations, trusts and institutional organizations and maintaining a vast and diverse support network.