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Many of us would love to donate to charity but statistics show that despite people’s good intentions, the vast majority of us don’t. Some fear where the money actually goes while others are on a limited budget and just cannot part with their cash. Hopefully we can answer some of your questions, which would want you to make donations to us and/or other charities.
There are so many charities it’s hard to make a decision on which charity one should support. Before you donate to charity you should find one that is close to your heart. If you want to help children there are hundreds of organizations that would appreciate your help. You can find a plethora of information by searching the internet, yellow pages or even asking your friends. A frequently asked question is why should I donate to charity? The main reason is these organizations receive little or no government funding. The cause they support comes through individual donations or fund raising so anything you can offer is greatly appreciated.
Are charities honest? This is something you should check before making any charity donations. All charities are required under law to be registered so be smart and give to those that can present their IRS approved non profit status letter.
What can I donate to charity? The phrase charity donations seem to conjure up images of people emptying their pockets and getting out their check books. There are several ways to donate to charity without having to spend a thing. You can volunteer your time or donate goods. Several charities have endurance challenges that you can take part in and raise sponsorship money; the opportunities are endless and just as appreciated as cash.
If you donate to charity you will receive so much back in return. You will help a good cause and know you did your part in preserving humanity. Should you have any questions that you can not find on our site please do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can eliminate all your concerns before you donate to EOTO or any other charity.